For robotic finishing processes

If, like Noah, you are responsible for running the robotic system on a daily basis, these modules will allow you to know the different commands and instructions to operate the AV&R technologies in an optimal way.

Move the Robot

0:30 min.

Dress a Tool

0:30 min.

Start Offline

1 min.

Alarm Recovery

2:30 min.

Backup Procedures

1:30 min.


In order to keep the robotic system in an optimal state, we advise you to consult the modules of the Expert Maintenance profile.



My role is to operate the AV&R robotic system on a daily basis. For that, I need to understand its basic operation and know the main commands. 

Thanks to the operating rules proposed by AV&R, I am able to start, control and stop the robotic system simply, in order to ensure that the automated process runs optimally.

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