Inspecting with OwlVision

Tutorials to start inspecting your parts.

Get started with OwlVision Light

Get Started with OwlVision Light2:03 minPART 1 The first thing we are met with when opening OwlVision Light is the inspection interface. We can see a big slider button with the labels online and offline. In online mode, our software connects to the camera and lighting...

Image Acquisition

Image Acquisition1:01 minAfter selecting and loading a product, the system will be in ready status.  We can go in the algo? Recipe panel and select the prototyping tab.  After that, we can click on the single acquisition button to grab one picture of the current part...

Defect Detection

Defect Detection1:24 minAfter saving an image, we can load the picture in the output section by clicking the little plus button and chosing the image we’ve just saved. Once the picture is selected and shown in the input list, we can go in the inspection list section...

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