Finishing Path

Explanatory videos to start programming a trajectory yourself.

Cad Model Preparation

CAD Model Preparation4:31 minThis video explains how to import your piece CAD model in BrainWave. You have to follow two consecutive steps:First, prepare your CAD model in the modelization software.Second, import the file in Brainwave. This video explains how to...

Path Generation – Creation

Path Generation: Creation3:21 minPresentation of the Robot SIM tool The creation of a trajectory by BrainWave is done in the LEARN page. From this page we can access the robotic simulation and trajectory generation tool, which we call Robot SIM. The page that opens...

Path Generation: Adjustments

Path Generation: Adjustments2:44 minOnce the trajectory has been created in Robot SIM, it is now necessary to adjust the parameters.To do this, return to the LEARN page in BrainWave. The grinding wheel we used is Motor 2. Select this motor in the FEATURE LIST tab. Now...

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