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The Resource Center for users of AV&R Robotic and Automated Solutions

At AV&R, we design and manufacture robotic and automated solutions that perform surface finishing and inspection operations.

As with any robotic solution, software programming is required to operate our systems. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated! For years, we have been developing software that makes it easier to operate our robotic solutions.

AV&R Academy brings together a variety of resources to enable users of our robotic solutions to quickly understand how they work.

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Why Are Manufacturers Turning to Robotics?


Videos and Tutorials

Step by step, discover how our robotic systems work through videos and tutorials.

By topic or by user profile, our different modules are adapted to each individual’s needs. 

AV&R Universe

Quick overview of our expertise and solutions.
Accessible to everyone!

Maintenance 101

The basic principles of maintenance of our robotic systems.

BrainWave 101

Videos to discover BrainWave, the robotic finishing software.

OwlVision 101

Videos to discover OwlVision, the visual inspection software.

First Use

Tutorials dedicated to operators for a quick handling of our robotic systems.

Maintenance 201

Maintenance steps of our robotic systems to ensure an optimum use.

Finishing Path

Explanatory videos to start programming a trajectory.


Tutorials to start inspecting your parts.

Easy as 1… 2… 3…

What are you using our robotic solutions for?
Operation, maintenance, or programming? 


Acquire the knowledge to control and adjust the visual inspection parameters of  produced parts.


Familiarize yourself with the equipment and how it works on a daily basis.


Obtain the knowledge to maintain the system and ensure its proper functioning.


Create trajectories autonomously to run the process on new parts of your production.

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AV&R Academy is reserved for users of AV&R robotic solutions, whether they have already acquired the solution or are in the process of acquiring it.

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