Why are Manufacturers Turning to Robotics?

1:57 min

The robotic systems are technological tools that can be used by manufacturers to automate their production operations.
Investing in robotics gives manufacturers many advantages and allows them to solve their problems.

Challenge 1

It is sometimes difficult for manufacturers to recruit manual operators.
These difficulties have a direct impact on production, that is slowed down, and on the growth potential.
Therefore, adding robotic systems to its production allows to prevent problems related to labor shortage.

Challenge 2

The competition can be high between manufacturers. To maintain or obtain contracts, they need to ensure a certain pace and capacity production.
The robotic systems allow to meet these objectives by adding production hours or decreasing the cycle duration.

Challenge 3

The manufacturers often have various productions composed of numerous parts.
The robotic systems offer more flexibility that allows for automated operations to adapt to the different parts.

Challenge 4

The regularity of the production quality is an important challenge for manufacturers.
The robotic systems are programmed to generate a quality finish that is identical no matter the state of the part at the start of the operation.

Challenge 5

The robotic systems automate tasks that are often troublesome and repetitive for operators. The manual surface finishing operations are especially known to cause frequent physical injuries.
Having robots allows you to reduce, or even replace, these manual tasks, which would improve the employees’ health and security.