AV&R Software

2:21 min

The AV&R team has developed software for our robotic machines with the mission to make robotics accessible to everyone. The software BrainWave and OwlVision were created to easily program and use our robotic systems.

BrainWave – Robotic Finishing

This software is the glue which orchestrates the interaction between the system components in a single user-friendly interface. Comparing our machines to ourselves as humans, this software would be the control center of all faculties of the body, hence its name: BrainWave.

No programming knowledge is required.

It manages the flow of communication and operations between all components. Without any knowledge of robot programming or using any other software, you can create sequences and modify parameters in just a few clicks. Our vision is to build a tool for the process expert.

In real-time or in offline mode, this software will allow you to modify the positions or robot path, adjust the parameters associated with the robot path such as speed or force applied, or integrate new parts to the system.

OwlVision – Visual Inspection

OwlVision is an easy-to-use interface that optimizes our robotic visual inspection systems without the need for programming. This is a tool for a quality inspector to configure and tune an inspection process.

The software works at all stages of the visual inspection process to automatically develop and execute the appropriate visual inspection sequence for the part.

It allows to configurate and adjust:
1. Parameters needed to capture images, such as robot position or camera parameters.
2. Methods necessary for the detection of specific defects
3. Acceptance rules for defects found according to the size of the defects and the position on the part

You can create visual inspection sequences and change parameters with just a few clicks.

OwlVision allows for a uniform performance of the visual inspection from one day to the next.

You want to learn how to use BrainWave or OwlVision?
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