AV&R Processes

2:57 min

AV&R have been experts in automating manufacturing processes for over 25 years now.

Here is a brief presentation of the main processes that our robotic systems can accomplish.


Polishing, also called blending, creates a smooth and shiny surface by friction on machined and forged parts. AV&R robotic systems are capable of polishing a variety of materials, including metal and wood. They use different grains of abrasives to achieve a variety of finishes, up to a mirror finish.

Polishing is carried out using a motor equipped with an abrasive wheel rotating at constant speed and the robot moving at constant velocity.


Profiling is a process creating high precision elliptical profiles on parts according to engineering designs. Adaptive and closed-loop capabilities allows the robotic system to reach very small tolerances (± 25 micron tolerance or ± 0.9 thousandth of an inch/ 0.025 millimeters).

Profiling is a robot trajectory that is executed with visual system feedback. The robot moves to different abrasive wheels to remove material from the concave and convex sides of the part. The previously calculated amount of material to be removed, feeds and compensations are used during to optimize the result.


Deburring is the process that removes small imperfections known as burrs that are found on machined and forged metal parts. Our robotic systems are able to remove burrs automatically, even in hard-to-reach places. They automatically adjust the process according to the wear and aggressiveness of the tools.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is the production step of analyzing the parts produced to ensure their compliance by identifying any defects. Usually done by a human operator, this inspection step is subject to subjectivity and may therefore offer inconsistent results. Our automated inspection systems detect punctual surface defects (nicks, scratches, tool marks, etc.), the presence or absence of elements, the position of features, and any other potential issues. Thanks to the integrated software, the manufacturer can choose according to his production requirements which defects are acceptable or not.

Cutting, grinding and other typical manufacturing processes are also part of AV&R expertise.

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