What is a Robotic System?

1:47 min

At AV&R, we have been working with robotic systems for over 25 years now.

Our systems are closed machines, also called cells, that vary in sizes.

In those systems, you will of course find the robot, as well as various tools, abrasives, mesure sensors, or a device to charge the parts.

The whole is what forms a robotic system.

The robotic system allows you to automate manufacturing operations, also called process.

At AV&R, we are specialized in processes of finishing surfaces (polishing, deburring, grinding) and visual inspection.

Regarding the robotic finishing process, the robotic systems performs a programmed path that controls the strength and industrial parameters.
It can also use closed loops to adjust itself.

Regarding the visual inspection process, the robotic system uses various tools in order to obtain pictures of the part. The OwlVision software will then analyze the parts to spot and categorize any defaults.

Here is an example of a robotic system in action.

To facilitate the programing and usage of the robotic systems, we have developed the softwares BrainWave and Owlvision. They allow you to create a specific path for the robot and are at the center of our robotic systems.

Now that you know what an AV&R robotic system is, you are ready to explore all the different fonctionalities of the robots.

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